About Us

The China Centre has been formed as a joint venture between the Innovation and Research Department at Swansea University, Dr. Weixi Xing of Swansa University Swansea Centre and Mr. Phil Lake of the Lakeside Group in Swansea, working together with our Liaison Officer Nick Davies.


Dr. Weixi Xing got his first degree in wireless communication and Master’s degree on telecommunication networks in China and then came to the UK for his MBA and PhD. He has more than twenty years of business management experience in China and the United Kingdom in both the commercial and academic environment.

As a director of The China Centre, his main responsibility at Swansea University is to manage the research team so that we deliver the excellent research outputs expected of us, such as publications and patent applications. His other duties include setting up teaching and research collaborations, competing for major research contracts from key commercial organizations, and helping to facilitate, co-ordinate and project manage research projects, in particular those with Chinese and other Far East organizations (both commercial and academic).


MR. PHIL LAKE, Chief Executive of Lakeside Group

A former Diplomatic protection Officer in the Metropolitan Police, Phil Lake is now the CEO of several Companies based in Swansea.

Mr. Lake has over 25 years experience in manufacturing and installing various products throughout the UK, and has extensive experience of trading with China and a strong track record of assisting other SMEs with the import/export process.

” I have known Phil Lake since 1999, and have visited many Factories, Exhibitions and Companies in China with Phil. I have introduced him to several Chinese Government officials and have assisted him in importing many Containers of products from China to the UK.

I would certainly recommend any British Company wishing to trade with China to discuss their requirements for importing and exporting with Phil Lake. “

NETSUMY CHIOU, President of Goldenware International


NICK DAVIES, Business Liaison Officer

Nick Davies graduated from Swansea University in 2012 with a First Class Honours Degree in Business and Finance, where he became interested in international trade and finance. He has joined the China Centre in a liaison role and will help co-ordinate the day to day running of the various business processes.



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