Luxury retailers have enjoyed a strong rebound in their fortunes after the global financial crisis in 2009, driven by growth from emerging markets, particularly China and its luxury consumers who purchase goods overseas. The demand is therefore ever-increasing for British Brand products in China. Brands who have shared in this success include:

  • Jaguar Land Rover, who in 2012 reported a 35% increase in pre-tax profits on the back of booming business in China. Sales in China now account for nearly one in five of the cars sold by the business.
  • Scottish Whisky also reported a 23% revenue increase from exports in 2011, with the Scottish Whisky Association describing it as ‘a high end, aspirational beverage’ boosted by a growing affluent, image-conscious middle class in emerging markets in Asia
  • Burberry – luxury retailer famed for its trenchcoats and plaid-patterned accessories which are now sold very successfully in China report an 11% rise in revenue for the first fiscal quarter of 2012
  • Clarks Shoes recently reported a 22% increase in business in China
  • Aston Martin expects to gather about a fifth of its total revenue in 2012 from emerging markets such as China.

Should any UK Company have an established British Brand product, then the China Centre can market and export that brand to China.

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