The China Centre Ltd. has been established to assist Companies in:

  • Importing products from China
  • Sourcing New products from China
  • Exporting products to China

Based at Swansea University, The China Centre has vast experience with contacts and networks in China. We can offer a complete service including product quality checks, transport to Docks, Shipment to any UK Port, Customs Clearance at UK Port and Transport to any UK address.

Why Import from China?

Many companies have found that as a resulting of importing products from China, they have reduced costs, sourced a better quality of product and found new opportunities to increase their product range, resulting in increased job security for existing staff, creating new jobs and most importantly, INCREASING THEIR PROFITS!!

View Presentation – Sharing Experiences from Britain to China by Mr. Phil Lake

Why Export to China?

Many UK Companies have been transformed by successfully exporting their products to China. There is a great demand in China for British Brands such as Burberry, Scottish Whisky, Clarks Shoes etc. and often all it takes is the right approach at the right time. Using their vast network of contacts and experience, the China Centre is well placed to approach potential Chinese Businesses seeking new British Brands to meet the growing demands of the Chinese Market.

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